As your host, we  welcome you  to the  barkingdogblues.com website, a contemporary Blues website. Please enjoy and participate.



Stoli,  a female boxer and the barkingdogblues namesake, passed away in June 2010 after a long blues filled life. Stoli remains the soul of barkingdogblues.com. Sister boxer, Torrey, is now the lead blues dog.


Our mission is to provide exposure to blues musicians and to get people to see, hear and support these artists. All the photos and video we post are original content created by Barking Dog Media, LLC. On occasion, we work with blueplant.tv, a creative photography and production house.

Appreciate the Blues

Barkingdogblues.com is about our love of the blues and appreciation for contemporary blues artists.  In this age of information overload, facebook, instagram, and hype, a number of gifted artists are lost. Many have given their souls and character to the Blues. They practice their craft, hone their skills to perfection, and deliver their voices to those who listen. Most outstrip the talents of the commercially successful, but yet go unrecognized. We want to assist in bringing their talents to the forefront.

Community of Music Enthusiasts

Our goal is to make the blues artists we see and love visible and accessible for your appreciation. We encourage you to support these artists and the venues that host them, and contribute to the community. It is important for all of us to keep the music that is uniquely American- the Blues – alive !